Construction automation for your jobsite

Hilti brings productivity gains to construction

Always a pioneer in creating impactful solutions for your jobsite, Hilti leads the construction industry’s advancement into automation and robotics.

With forward-looking solutions like the EXO-O1 upper-body exoskeleton or the Jaibot semi-automated drilling technology for overhead work, Hilti makes health and safety key priorities for construction workers, while adding significant productivity and efficiency gains to your project.

We’re committed to walking alongside you in the construction process, from start to finish. 

MEP installation system, total station and drilling robot on a construction site

EXO-01 Exoskeleton

Hilti's new device for the construction industry, the exoskeleton EXO-O1, is an upper-body exoskeleton technology that will increase customer's health and safety while also helping to increase productivity, positively impacting jobsite timelines and budgets.

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A drilling technology that helps adds safety, speed and accuracy to your construction workflow, the Jaibot takes overhead installation work to the next level. The Jaibot helps convert a challenging, time consuming task into one that carries minimal risk and error. Relieved of strenuous, repetitive tasks like overhead drilling, your workforce can focus on the set-up and operation of our new construction robot. 

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Internet of Things (IoT)

With IoT, Hilti can help to improve safety on the jobsite, while minimizing risks and providing you significant competitive advantage over others. But Hilti’s offerings go beyond digital solutions – we bring implementation, training and support services on site for you and your team. 

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