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As healthcare facilities experience unprecedented challenges in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals are moving quickly to find ways to provide necessary patient care while minimizing medical worker exposure through utilizing cutting edge innovation.

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Firestop Total Barrier Management

Hilti offers industry-leading airflow control that can assist with infection control in hospitals by helping limit the spread of potentially harmful airborne pathogens. Because of Hilti’s innovation, hospitals are better equipped to position critical medical equipment like ventilators and IV pumps outside of patient rooms, assisting in reducing potential exposure of COVID-19 to medical workers and conserving personal protective equipment that is currently in short supply.

We can help support the air leakage control needed in your facility to assist in preventing the spread of infectious diseases and Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI). Whether an existing facility or a new project, Hilti can provide the products, services and software to help healthcare facilities keep up with the unique demands of the industry.

Hilti’s focus is on providing solutions that deliver greater flexibility and productivity throughout the life cycle of healthcare facilities. Learn more below about Hilti’s total healthcare solutions and download a white paper on infection control.

Webinar: Challenges for Infection Control in Healthcare Facilities

Learn more about Hilti’s total healthcare solutions in our "Hilti has you covered" section below or visit the resources on the right to access a white paper, a customer use case, or a webinar on Infection control in healthcare facilities.

We use Hilti products throughout the hospital. For running new data cabling through existing smoke and fire walls, you can't beat the Hilti Firestop Speed Sleeve. We use that same Speed Sleeve to run ventilator tubing and cables through the patient room walls.

Brian Costa
Engineer at Riverside Regional Medical Center

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Hilti firestop speed sleeve is used to run ventilator tubing and cables through patient room walls

Hilti has you covered

Airflow Management

Our specialists are standing by to consult on how Hilti can help with infectious control through pathways or openings in healthcare facilities.  

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Fire Barrier Management

Hilti offers web-based tools to enable you to document and manage code required fire barrier integrity in your facilities.

Learn more about Firestop Documentation manager CFS-DM

Medical Equipment Supports

Bringing productivity and flexibility to the surgical suite with Hilti's unique modular steel support systems.

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Dust Control Systems

Hilti is committed to providing solutions to help reduce exposure to dust in the healthcare environment.

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