Risk management in Data Centers

Our fiber-free firestop solutions reduce unnecessary risks to cable and server functionality

Traditional firestop maintenance activities

Firestopping in data centers is far too commonly left to individuals or companies who are specialized in data center-related technologies, but not specialized in firestopping. Such installers will often use inexpensive firestopping materials such as firestop pillows or bags. Besides initial installations that might never have properly met the requirements of a tested/listed firestop system, constant cabling additions and changes to data centers often lead to the initially installed firestopping material not being properly replaced or restored.

The adjacent photo illustrates these problems. A firestop bag packed inside the non-metallic sleeve would never have been effective. In this situation, intumescent (expanding) firestopping would also be required around the outside of the sleeve at the wall juncture, to seal it off as the sleeve melts or burns. Even if the firestop bag would have been a tested/listed solution to firestop the inside of the sleeve, it’s clear that when the sleeve eventually got too full of cables to accommodate the bag, someone could easily leave it out because it simply wouldn’t fit. Without sourcing a different system to replace the bag the penetration would be left vulnerable and non-compliant. 

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The repenetration of firestop mineral wool coated board should be avoided in cleanrooms of any ISO class

Minimize white space contamination and allow for future growth with pre-formed firestopping solutions

Whether you run raw or pre-terminated cables, our range of fiber-free firestopping solutions help you mitigate the risks associated with frequent cabling changes.

The Hilti speed sleeve enables effortless updates to mission critical cabling without specialized maintenance personnel. Industry-leading airflow control provides an air-resistant envelope for more efficient cooling of your server environment.

Hilti speed sleeve for data centers

Open when you need it to be – for effortless cable updates

Hilti speed sleeve for data centers

Closed – to help ensure proper airflow management

Hilti firestop block

The Hilti firestop block is a versatile, building-block solution for large openings. The fiber-free, non-curing block not only accommodates frequent cabling changes, but is certified for use in ISO cleanroom environments of class 4 and higher. 

Save money

Labor and material cost for firestop solutions

The more cable changes you make, the more money you save

Whichever solution you choose, an investment in pre-engineered firestop solutions reduces the downstream labor costs associated with traditional firestop maintenance activities.

  • Maintain the flexibility to meet your day 2 cabling requirements without compromising on safety or energy efficiency.
  • Make sure you specify flexible cable management solutions such as the Hilti speed sleeve and Hilti firestop block.