Firestop Selector

Plan, install and manage firestop solutions

Firestop Selector enables customers to search, select and save firestop systems and create project submittals – helping trades, firestop specialty contractors and architects be more productive on the jobsite and in the office.

Man installing firestop sleve

Why you should use Firestop Selector

Firestop Selector provides three ways to search for firestop systems – Direct Search, Advanced Search and Guided Search (coming in Q4 2021) – and is adaptable to firestop experts to less experienced firestop customers, providing a trusted resource to more confidently select and submit on firestop systems and products.

Increased productivity
Spend less time finding systems and creating project submittals. Firestop Selector helps you determine the right firestopping solution for unique joint and penetration applications and site conditions.

Improved customer experience
The user-friendly and intuitive interface on the Hilti Construction Platform allows you to submit, save and manage your firestop systems, engineering judgments and submittals.

Anytime, Anywhere Convenience
Access firestop engineering judgments on the jobsite, on the road or in the office with the Hilti Firestop Selector. (Firestop system selector is coming in Q4 2021.)

All-in-one firestop design solution

Screen shot of Firestop Selector digital approval library

Direct, advanced, or guided search

Find the exact system with Direct Search (e.g., W-L-1054, 1054, W-L), or use Advanced Search to filter application, unique site conditions, and installation requirements for penetrations and joints. 

Automatic detection solution

UL, Trade, or DWG detail

Preview or download systems in full UL, Trade, or DWG detail.

Firestop selector design and recommendation engine

Product-based search filtering

Advanced search and filtering capabilities to quickly and accurately identify appropriate system solutions by product.

Firestop selector on tablet display

Engineering judgments

Hilti’s digital Engineering Judgment process for Firestop applications is a streamlined and self-service way to create a new EJ, submit revisions to previously completed EJs, or connect with Hilti’s Fire Protection Engineering team for additional support. 

Learn more about engineering judgments
Firestop Selector project dashboard

Project dashboard

Assign firestop solutions and typical drawings to the floor, room, and penetration site in a cloud-based project data dashboard, providing transparency to onsite installers. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Getting Started

Q: How do I get started using Firestop Selector?

A: If you are already registered on Hilti Online, use your existing credentials to log into the Hilti Construction Platform. For non-registered users, see Hilti Online Registration instructions below.

Log into the Hilti Construction Platform

Hilti Online Registration

Q: Do I have to register on Hilti Online to use access the Hilti Construction Platform?

A: Yes.


Q: How do I register on Hilti Online?

A: Click the link below to register using the email address associated with your company’s account.

Register on Hilti Online


Q: Is there a video tutorial of how to register on Hilti Online?

A: Yes.

How to register on Hilti Online

Hilti Construction Platform

Q: Where do I access the Hilti Construction Platform?

A: Once registered on Hilti Online, visit the Hilti Construction Platform to get started.

Log into the Hilti Construction Platform


Q: What can I do on the Hilti Construction Platform?

A: When first accessing the Hilti Construction Platform, you will see four options:

  1. Create a new Engineering Judgement
  2. Revise a previous Engineering Judgement
  3. Send a question to a Hilti Fire Protection Engineer
  4. Access Firestop Selector
Expand your fire stopping knowledge with up-to-date education courses.

Firestop Training

Expand your fire stopping knowledge with up-to-date education courses.

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Men holding smartphone showing Hilti Documentation Manager

Seamless firestop management

Integrate your firestopping data for more transparency and help decrease risk at every stage of the project. Our Documentation Manager application integrates into Firestop Selector, synchronizing typicals and solutions directly into a cloud-based data management environment accessible by anyone, from anywhere.

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