Curtain Wall Firestop Systems for full vision glass and unitized back pan

Edge-of-slab fire barrier systems for full vision glass, steel back pan, and other common configurations

Enjoy the view with peace of mind.

Imagine looking out the window of your building and enjoying a beautiful view of the city lights around you.  Imagine the warm rays of sunshine illuminating the office or condo and allowing light to penetrate deeper into the building with a glass facade.   Imagine you can achieve this while keeping the building safer and code compliant.  

Imagine no more.

Floor to ceiling vision glass

Hi/BPF 120-11

Hilti is the only manufacturer with a tested perimeter fire barrier system for full vision glass with Intertek listing HI/BPF 120-11.  Previous full vision glass designs were highly dependent on AHJ approval as there was no provision in the code to test these systems.  With the new system, architects and owners now have assurance that their full vision glass design is secured and backed by a tested system.

A new kind of back pan system

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Used commonly on unitized and stick built curtain wall systems, the back pan or shadow box systems offers architects, fabricators, and facade installers numerous benefits.  Hilti's most recent system Intertek HI/BPF 120-12 is the first and only back pan system that does not require a stiffener.  This translates into huge savings for the contractors.

Search through our online library of firestop facade systems by vitising the Firestop Submittal Generator.  If your facade design does not match a tested system, our team of fire protection engineers is ready to assist by providing design assistance and recommendations.