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Product News

New Digital Engineering Judgment Process for Firestop Applications

October 1, 2021 - Experience an improved digital Engineering Judgment (EJ) process for firestop applications with the new Hilti Construction platform, including a user-friendly and intuitive interface where you can submit, track, and store your EJ requests.

Hilti’s new digital EJ process for firestop applications is a streamlined and self-service way to create a new EJ, submit revisions to previously completed EJs, or connect with Hilti’s Fire Protection Engineering Team for additional support. It’s one more way Hilti is there for you, from start to finish.

Visit our new digital EJ platform

Engineering Judgments Made Simple

October 1, 2021 - Request an Engineering Judgment (EJ) anytime, anywhere with the new Hilti Firestop Selector mobile app! Your firestop custom technical requests are now accessible from the jobsite, on the road, or in the office, with direct access to the Hilti Fire Protection Design Team. You can use this tool for new EJ requests, EJ revisions or technical questions. The Firestop Selector app offers EJs for various applications including through-penetrations, construction joints, or edge of slab applications, with simple drop-down menus for customers to detail site conditions.

The Firestop Selector app may also be used to track the status of an EJ request or question, or to send and view comments to and from the Hilti Fire Protection Design Team. Users of the Firestop Selector app may also upload documents (photos, sketches, drawings), and retrieve the final EJ drawing on the mobile app. Download the Hilti Firestop Selector app today on both Apple (iOS) and Play (Android) stores and spend less time requesting and managing EJs.

Learn more about our new EJ app

CFS-CID MD portfolio expansion

June 1, 2021 - CFS-CID MD is our one-step firestop cast-in sleeve for plastic pipe penetrations through corrugated metal deck slabs. Since the initial launch of the CFS-CID MD Portfolio which offered solutions for 2" and 3" metal deck, we have been able to expand the portfolio to address other types of metal decks that are in the field. We have developed a new CFS-CID MD firestop solution for both standard and inverted 1-1/2" metal deck projects.  

Learn more about CFS-CID MD

The clear choice for firestopping large openings: CFS-BL Firestop Block

April 2, 2021 - Hilti’s Firestop Block CFS-BL is an innovative pre-formed solution for firestopping a variety of through-penetrations in large openings. The CFS-BL's pioneering Grid-Tech component and improved formula allow for firestop systems with larger wall or floor openings and greater annular space between penetrants and the opening. This solution has UL Listings requiring no additional wire mesh and also achieves improved performance under fire conditions.

If your facility requires strict air-flow control or infection disease control, Hilti’s CFS-BL is an excellent choice. With its pre-compressed, stackable design, CFS-BL firestop blocks provide a tight seal with no additional compression required. The Hilti Firestop Block is a great solution for a variety of applications, with simple installation in over 50 UL firestop systems. Combining fast installation, easy re-penetration that allows for future expansion, and a superior range of applications, CFS-BL provides a flexible and reliable solution.

Learn more about CFS BL Firestop Blocks

Supporting sustainability made easier with Hilti!

March 18, 2021 - At Hilti, we aim to support our customers throughout a project – from pre-design to construction, to maintenance and repairs. With sustainability as a key consideration in today's construction market, Hilti offers an expanding portfolio of fastening and fire protection solutions that meet current sustainability standards.

Our team is glad to be able to support during the design and construction process. With an easy-to-use chart that shows Hilti’s portfolio of fire protection products and the corresponding technical and sustainability information, you can be sure you’re designing and building with the products that meet today's challenging green building requirements. 

Download resources today

Now Available: Prefabricated Services for Cast-In Firestop Sleeves

January 8, 2021 - Increasing market demands on projects with short timelines, budgets constraints, on-site space limitations and social distancing requirements require a solution to help with efficiency across your workflow.

Hilti’s Cast-In Firestop Sleeve CP 680 provides an effective solution through creating openings in concrete with the firestop already included. Our customized Prefabrication Service for CP 680 Cast-In Firestop Sleeves offers ready to use firestop sleeves for your projects, eliminating time wasted in the shop or onsite adjusting sleeve heights and assembling parts and pieces. We’ll create the customized solution for your project – all you need to know is the diameter, height, type of piping, and water requirements.

Help boost your productivity with the right firestop sleeve, ready to install — so you can stay on schedule and budget. Reach out to your local Hilti Representative or the Hilti Customer Service team for more details.

Learn more about our Prefabrication Services

Check out Hilti's Cable Transit Portfolio

December 16, 2020 - Hilti now offers a comprehensive line of Multi-Cable Transit (MCT) products to support the most demanding sealing applications in energy, industry and data center projects. Cable transit systems are modular, adaptable sealing and passive fire protection solutions used to create gas-, smoke-, water- and blast-resistant seals around cables and pipes as they pass through openings in walls, floors, bulkheads or decks. 

International energy and industry projects like onshore refineries, offshore platforms, and much of the shipbuilding industry can experience harsh conditions, remote locations and potential significant fire hazards. For these critical applications, Hilti's Multi-Cable Transit systems deliver a high-performance and practical modular, adaptable solution for creating protective seals around cables and pipes. Our innovative system also offers software that simplifies the design, documentation, estimation, and installation processes.

Learn more about Hilti's Cable Transit Portfolio

New and improved Cast-in Firestop Sleeve for Metal Decks

September 29, 2020 -Hilti’s Cast-in Firestop Sleeve for Metal Decks CFS-CID MD is a one-step firestop cast-in sleeve for both plastic and metallic pipe penetrations through corrugated metal deck slabs.

Taking into account customer feedback on the new CFS-CID MD firestop devices, Hilti has made some exciting updates to a key product feature – the Sleeve Locator. The Sleeve Locator is used to help contractors locate the firestop sleeves after the concrete has been poured, even if the concrete covers the lid of the device.

On the improved version, Sleeve Locators on the devices from the side of the sleeve to the top of the lid for all sleeve heights. This means installers will no longer need to reapply locators in cases where they may have fallen off during transportation to the site or raise the locators in cases where sleeves have been extended. This simple but innovative change will help increase efficiency, reduce labor costs and ensure consistent installation.

The new design for CFS-CID MD sleeves will soon become available for your jobsites. Contact your Hilti Account Manager or our customer service team for more details and how the CFS-CID MD sleeve can help make your jobsite more productive. 

Learn more about the cast-in firestop sleeve for metal pipe penetrations Learn more about the cast-in firestop sleeve for plastic pipe penetrations

All-Weather High Build Intumescent Paint has arrived

September 18, 2020 - Introducing Hilti’s All-Weather High Build CFP-SP AWHB, a new solvent-based intumescent steel protection solution. AWHB brings incredible innovation and productivity to Hilti's steel protection portfolio, which includes water-based intumescent solution Fire Finish 120+ CFP-SP WB.

AWHB allows for both internal and external exposed steel, and can be applied at temperatures ranging from 5°F to 122°F. This allows the applicator to spray during a variety of weather conditions. This product requires no primer and can be applied at 150 mils wet film thickness per coat, up to three times more per application than other intumescent coatings in the market. Drying to touch in 30 minutes, AWHB has been optimized for both 60 minutes and 120 minutes, and helps to provide maximum productivity for a wide variety of projects. 

Learn more about Hilti's steel protection solution

*NEW* NOW AVAILABLE – Top Track Seal for 2 1/2" Track

September 16, 2020 - Hilti's top of wall firestop solution portfolio has continued to expand with the recent launch of Firestop Top Track Seal CFS-TTS 212 for 2 1/2” track widths. Designed for a perfect friction fit with a 2 1/2" track size, this innovative product is ideal for residential wall partitions. This no mess, no waste product is installed at time of track attachment and requires no added mineral wool in wall cavities. 

Top Track Seal CFS-TTS 212 provides firestop, smoke and sound seals for head-of-wall joints between top track and gypsum to flat concrete slabs. With fewer working steps, the speed of installation of firestopping, along with easier inspection, can help keep your time sensitive projects on track.

Learn more

CFS-TTS R OS (Reveal) Now Available!

July 24, 2020 - Top Track Seal “Reveal” CFS-TTS R OS is our new solution for pre-formed head-of-wall fire stopping applications where finished looks are desired. The newest addition to our innovative Top Track Seal portfolio is offered in a matte black foil, which provides a clean look with no need for additional sealants, drywall compound or joint coverings.

The all-in-one design of Hilti Firestop Top Track Seal CFS-TTS R OS eliminates cumbersome cleaning and installation steps associated with firestop caulks and sprays to improve jobsite productivity. Simply unroll the Top Track Seal material, cut to length as necessary, saddle your metal track with CFS-TTS R OS and install as you would a bare track prior to attaching gypsum board. Hilti Firestop Top Track Seal delivers a continuous seal and has been tested and approved in accordance with UL 2079 and CAN/ULC-S115 standards.

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New Submittal Generator for Fastening & Fire Protection Products

July 15, 2020 - Check out the new submittal generator for fastening and fire protection products, available for the US and Canada. New features include a mobile-friendly user interface, the ability to select documents to include in a submittal package, delivery by download or email, as well as other options to customize the package. Technical data, material safety data sheets, installation instructions, product approvals, and more are all accessible from our submittal generator. Preparing submittal documentation for the wide variety of Hilti solutions has never been so easy.

Create a submittal

Listings and Testing

Expanded library of UL listings for Firestop Composite Sheet

March 25, 2021 - Hilti has successfully tested two new UL Systems for the CFS-COS Firestop Composite Sheet, C-AJ-8318 and C-AJ-5444. Addressing metallic pipes, PVC pipes, and cable bundles in large openings, C-AJ-8318 allows the composite sheet to be installed entirely from the underside of the floor. Another new option, C-AJ-5444, is for firestopping insulated metallic pipe applications with composite sheet. Along with the composite sheet, wrap strips with a retaining collar are installed around the penetrating items.

These systems align with Hilti's value-added service of cutting composite sheet. Through providing Hilti's Project Management Team with project drawings that include the dimensions of each opening, Hilti can pre-cut the composite sheets prior to delivery, allowing for quicker installation on the job site – saving time and labor. 

Download C-AJ-8318 Download C-AJ-5444

UL Case Study on Firestop System Movement Now Available

February 1, 2021 - Hilti and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) collaborated on a recently published case study, "Standardizing Firestop System Movement Certification to Improve Building Safety.” This case study explores the impact of movement on the performance of through-penetration firestop systems and the ability of these systems to meet model building codes and firestop standard requirements after experiencing movement.

UL, Hilti and other firestop manufacturers collaborated on the development of ASTM E3037-16, Standard Test Method for Measuring Relative Movement Capabilities of Through-Penetration Firestop Systems. This standard provides a method to assess the performance of though-penetration firestop systems after experiencing movement. This case study describes the development and results of the new standard and corresponding certification program.

Access the UL Case Study now

Hilti Firestop Putty Pads: Best in Class Secondary Attributes

January 22, 2021 - Hilti helps specifiers and building owners through providing some of the safest firestop products on the market. We design our firestop solutions to provide the best possible protection in all kinds of conditions – not just for fire performance, but also for important additional attributes of firestopping, such as sound transmission (STC) and pressure control. 

Hilti’s CP 617 Firestop Putty Pad has now been tested in accordance with ASTM E90 for a best in class STC performance in multiple install configurations. Taking this a step further, we have tested the CP 617 for pressurization capability, helping to ensure that building owners can meet the most stringent of energy efficiency protocols & infectious disease control.

Download test documents and learn more

Continued testing for Firestop Composite Sheet

January 4, 2021 - Hilti continues to advance testing with our innovative new firestopping products to expand the range of applications that can be addressed.

Hilti's newest UL/cUL system for CFS-COS Firestop Composite Sheet, C-AJ-8316, offers designers and installers an option FOR firestopping multiple penetrants, including cables and metal and insulated pipes, through concrete floor/wall or block assembly applications. This 3 Hour F-Rating system also incorporates the use of our CFS-CC Firestop Cable Collar, which is re-penetrable to allow future increases in cable capacity. CFS-COS Firestop Composite Sheets are fast and easy to install thin stainless steel sheets for sealing large openings when cables, pipes and mixed penetrants pass through.

Download the new UL System for Composite Sheet

New STC testing for Cast-in Firestop Sleeve for Metal Decks

December 21, 2020 - STC test reports are now available for CFS-CID MD Cast-in Firestop Sleeve for Metal Decks, the newest addition to the CFS-CID MD cast-in line. CFS-CID MD is the only cast-in firestop preformed solution for vertical pipes through metal decks that allows cutting through the sleeve after concrete pour, without requiring any additional firestop steps. This installation process provides peace of mind, as the cast-in device helps to remove scope for errors compared to traditional methods, leading to more reliable firestopping of vertical penetrations

All STC test reports for CFS-CID MD are available for download at the link below. An STC Test report Summary letter is also available for download, which can help facilitate easier STC documentation reporting on your projects.

View CFS-CID MD documentation Download CFS-CID MD STC report summary

CP 617 Putty Pads: Meeting the latest criteria for LEED & Green Building

December 18, 2020 - Green building standards continue to evolve due to project certification requirements, with recent industry advancements going far beyond energy efficiency. Hilti is actively re-engineering and re-formulating many firestopping solutions in accordance with the newest green certification criteria. We have removed or limited hazardous substances, minimized emissions, increased recycled content and responsibly sourced raw materials. Most recently, CP 617 Firestop Putty Pads, a critical and commonly used firestop product, has been improved to eliminate hazardous substances like formaldehyde generally found in other putty pad products in the market. 

This new generation of more conscious, greener putty pads is supported by detailed documentation and third-party sustainability credentials. Hilti’s CP 617 Putty Pads are now “Red List” compliant and as a result meet Living Building Challenge (LBC) requirements. The CP 617 Putty Pads have also been tested to the latest LEED VOC emissions standards, according to the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) standard method v1.2-2017. These updates support architects and owners in meeting the most current and relevant criteria on both LEED and LBC Projects and establishes the CP 617 Putty Pads as one of the best choices for electrical outlet box protection.

Download LEED & emissions certificates

NEW VOC Emissions Testing Available for Firestop Solutions

December 4, 2020 - Sustainability is an important part of what we do at Hilti. We are committed to providing the most current, transparent documentation to support the use of many of our chemical firestop products on green building projects all over North America. Certification requirements continue to push green buildings towards the industry standard, and latest efforts go far beyond energy efficiency.

The Standard Method for the Testing and Evaluation of Volatile Organic Chemical Emissions from Indoor Sources Using Environmental Chambers - Version 1.2 was issued by the California Department of Public Health. In accordance with one of the newest indoor air quality standards, CDPH v1.2 2017, we now offer several products with this updated VOC testing and certification, ranging from some of our new pre-formed joint firestop products, such as CFS-EOS QS Edge of Slab Quickseal and CFS-TTS MD Firestop Top Track Seal for Metal Deck to our innovative CFS-CID MD Cast-In Firestop Sleeve for Metal Decks  and CFS-BL Firestop Block. We also have updated documentation available for our traditional sealants, such as FS-One Max Firestop Intumescent Sealant and CP 606 Firestop Acrylic Sealant.

Find the most up to date documentation, including LEED and certification documentation on our Product Submittal Generator.

Visit the Firestop Submittal Generator

CP 617 Putty Pads: The Solution for Large Membrane Penetrations

November 30, 2020 - Hilti has designed and tested a specific listing to address “large membrane" openings with the use of our new Putty Pads CP 617. A penetration that only affects one side of a rated wall is referred to as a membrane penetration. Such penetrations occur frequently due to the installation of recessed electrical boxes. The International Building Code (IBC), which is adopted in most US jurisdictions, and the National Building Code of Canada (NBCC) 2015 and later require recessed fixtures be installed such that the fire resistance rating of the wall not be reduced.

One way to prevent boxes from reducing the wall’s fire rating and thus meet the code performance requirement is by using putty pads or other listed materials. Metallic electrical boxes that exceed 16 square inches (e.g., 4” x 4”) have the most stringent code requirements. In accordance with the IBC or NBCC, all recessed steel electrical boxes larger than 16 sq. in. must be protected in some manner, regardless of the spacing relative to other boxes on the opposite sides of wall. 
Hilti’s new UL/cUL Listing, W-L-7277, is designed to address recessed steel electrical boxes (18ga or heavier) with maximum dimensions of 20-18” wide by 42” high by 5-3/4” deep. This listing provides designers and installers with a tested and listed system to install for larger membrane penetrations and now allows for a listed system to be installed more readily in the field.

Download W-L-7277

New Listing for CFS-EOS QuickSeal

September 14, 2020 - Hilti's CFS-EOS QuickSeal listing offering has now been expanded to include tested assembly solutions for precast concrete panels. Intertek listing HI/BPF 120-24 & HI/BPF 120-25 Perimeter Fire Barrier System offers designers and installers unprecedented speed and productivity when installing perimeter fire protection for precast concrete panel applications. CFS-EOS QS Edge of Slab Quickseal is Hilti's firestop preformed solution for sealing edge-of-slab joints with a high-speed, no-mess, spray-free installation.

HI/BPF 120-24 HI/BPF 120-25

New UL Listings for Firestop Composite Sheet

September 11, 2020 - Hilti has successfully tested a new UL System - C-AJ-8313 - for the CFS-COS Firestop Composite Sheet, which applies to 2-hour concrete floor or wall assemblies (minimum 4.5" concrete thickness). This system allows the use of multiple penetrants, including cables, rigid nonmetallic conduit and PVC pipe and provides the ability to use our CFS-CC Firestop Cable Collar with the composite sheet.

This system accommodates Hilti's value-added service of cutting composite sheet. By providing Hilti's Project Management Team with project drawings that include the dimensions of each opening, Hilti can pre-cut the composite sheets prior to delivery, allowing for quicker installation on the job site. Please visit the link below to review this new firestop system and reach out to your local Hilti Representative for more information regarding cutting services

Review the new firestop system

*NEW* Angled Wall UL Listing for CFS-TTS MD Top Track Seal

September 8, 2020 - Hilti has released the industry’s first head-of-wall firestopping system for angled partition walls. The new listing - HW-D-0907 - uses CFS-TTS MD Top Track Seal, our new and innovative solution for firestopping metal deck head-of-wall applications. This new system will allow designers and contractors to install a tested and listed system for this increasingly popular wall design, instead of relying on engineering judgments for this application as was required in the past. F-ratings of up to 2 hours can be achieved with this system.

Download HW-D-0907 here

New Top Track Seal Installation Method and UL Firestop Systems

July 22, 2020 - We are pleased to announce a new method for installing Hilti Firestop Top Track Seal CFS-TTS, our pre-formed firestop solution for head of wall applications. Top Track Seal may now be post-installed, after wall framing and gypsum board is in place, by installing the material like a backer rod. Simply cut or tear the Top Track Seal in the middle and insert one half into the joint on each side of the wall to achieve a friction fit.

This allows the use of this innovative head-of-wall solution on projects where framing speed is critical and/or in remodel projects where the framing cannot be removed or replaced.

This installation method also results in improved performance and up to 3-Hr rated assemblies with the same great air-leakage and movement capabilities that Firestop Top Track Seal CFS-TTS typically offers. Find our two new firestop systems for this application here:

HW-D-0905 HW-S-0133

Firestopping High Density Polyethylene Pipe

May 21, 2020 - Hilti has developed firestop solutions for an increasingly popular nonmetallic pipe: High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). Hilti firestop system C-AJ-2770 has been updated to accommodate HDPE pipe (SDR 11) that can range in size from 1-1/2” to 6”. The solution involves the “tuck-in” method using Hilti CP 648E Wrap Strip.

HDPE pipe uses the standard diameter ratio (SDR) system for sizing pipes. The SDR is the ratio of the pipe outer diameter divided by the pipe wall thickness. With the SDR system, pipes are sized by the outer diameter (OD), which stays constant. At a given OD, the wall thickness can change as indicated by different values of the SDR. It is important to keep in mind that these pipes are still described in terms of nominal diameter in North America, but in regions that use the metric system, the pipes are referred to in terms of the OD in millimeters. This variation with the SDR system of pipes is the main reason why the current lineup of firestop devices is not used – they simply do not fit as they are designed for pipes using the schedule system. Hence, the use of Hilti CP 648E Endless Wrap Strip is very common with pipes using the SDR system.

Download C-AJ-2770

Through penetration firestop systems tested to withstand movement

April 24, 2020 - Over the life of a building, movement occurs - causing a penetrating item of a through penetration to move relevant to the hole, even when rigidly supported. This may impact the performance of a rated firestopping assembly. It’s important to have a method to consider movement and the impact on firestopping.

Hilti is the first manufacturer to have UL certified firestop systems with movement capability of the system tested and documented in the respective UL listings. We have successfully tested and certified a variety of our systems, from those that use sealants, such as FS-ONE Max, to preformed devices, such as the speed sleeve CP 653 or firestop blocks CFS-BL.

Learn more

Seminars and Education

History of Fire Protection at Hilti

October 5, 2021 - Helping save lives through innovation and education has always been the heart of the Hilti Fire Protection Team. The department was first established in 1990 with a single Product Manager and has since grown to a comprehensive technical team of over 30 engineers and CAD designers, including some team members that are recognized by NFPA as Certified Fire Protection Specialists.

The primary focus of the team is producing engineering judgments and conducting firestop testing to develop and demonstrate the capabilities of Hilti’s innovative solutions. Since 1994, more than 2,900 actual tests have been designed, constructed and witnessed, producing well over 1,500 individual listed systems. In 2015, Hilti constructed a new state-of-the-art testing and development facility in Irving, TX, which has helped to support the Hilti Fire Protection Team meet the demand for new innovations, simpler and safer installation of firestop systems and to continue to focus on the importance of life safety in building construction. 

Read more about the history of fire protection at Hilti

New Technical Article: An Introductory Review of Steel Protection

June 2, 2021 - While fire prevention has always been a priority, we have not been able to completely engineer building fires out of our lives. Thermal protection of structural steel currently includes many forms, one of which is Thin-Film Intumescent coatings. Increasingly, intumescent fireproofing finds its place on a wide array of projects such as hospitals, schools, office building, pedestrian bridges and even parking garages.

While limitations exist, steps are being taken by intumescent manufacturers – Hilti included – to widen the use of intumescent fireproofing. Innovative chemistry and refined application techniques are making intumescent coatings a more cost-effective alternative to other steel protection methods. Our newest technical article provides and introductory review of steel protection and the versatility of intumescent coatings.

Read now

Fire and airflow containment challenges in mission critical facilities

May 13, 2021 - With significant efforts devoted to risk mitigation in both new and existing data centers, correct firestop design and installation is essential. Data cable penetrations present the most unique challenge to firestopping – not only due to combustible cable jacketing that can burn away under fire conditions, but also because of cable re-penetration. 

Openings or pathways for data cables are continuously modified or upgraded through the lifecycle of a data center. This amplifies the risk even further as cable penetrations that may have initially been firestopped correctly could easily revert to being non-compliant and leave a facility exposed. Dive deeper into our new technical article, where we review the challenges with fire and airflow containment for mission critical facilities, with a focus on data centers.

Read more

Join us for the upcoming Firestop 101 webinar

February 17, 2021 - Learn about the importance of firestopping and the applicable model building code requirements that address fire protection at our upcoming webinar. We’ll also discuss how firestopping fits into the specification, design, and construction process.

After completing the webinar, attendees should grasp what firestopping is and its importance, know applicable model code requirements, understand system testing, and recognize listings for penetrations, joints, and perimeter fire barrier.

Register Now

Demystify Green Building with Hilti's On-Demand Webinar

January 15, 2021 -  Green Building has become a major topic of discussion among architects, designers and engineers in recent years. With the number of Green Building projects doubling every 3 years, the topic is only growing in importance. Join us for the Green Building 101: Product Contribution for Sustainable Design webinar. We’ll provide an overview of green building trends, the relevant building standards (LEED v3 & v4, WELL, Living Building Challenge (LBC) and others), and how these products contribute to the health of occupants and the overall environment. Finally, we will also cover how to analyze product declarations and certifications for your project needs including numerous databases that can assist you with this process.

This course, available on-demand, is accredited with the American Institute of Architects (AIA) for 1 LU-HSW.

Watch the Green Building 101 webinar

Firestop Movement Q&A with Hilti's Director of Codes & Approvals

January 11, 2021 -  Life safety in buildings relies greatly on firestopping that performs as intended. Hilti is committed to contributing to improved life safety of buildings by developing and testing our firestop systems according to the latest industry standards. Testing standards are continuously developed and published to accommodate the needs of the industry and ultimately improve life safety, as is the case when it comes to movement of through penetrations.

Being the first to market with 8 Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certified systems with M-ratings tested to US standard UL 1479, Standard Test Method for Measuring Movement Capabilities of Through-Penetration Firestop Systems, was important to Hilti.

Learn more about movement in firestop, relevant testing, the certification program, and M-Ratings. Watch this Q&A video where Ed Goldhammer, Hilti North America's Director of Codes and Approvals, provides an overview of movement in firestop and describes Hilti's testing process and results.

Watch the video now

New On-Demand Webinar: Special Inspection of Firestopping

January 6, 2021 - Gain an understanding of recent International Building Code (IBC) changes and the specifics of the code in relation to firestop inspection through our new on-demand webinar, Firestop 302: Special Inspection of Firestopping – Understanding and Complying with IBC Requirements.

Recent changes have been made to the IBC related to firestop inspection – this webinar will walk through those changes in addition to discussing the International Firestop Council's (IFC) special inspection education program. There will also be discussion on general inspection requirements per the code and take a step-by-step walk-through approach to discuss on-site inspection.

This course is approved through the American Institute of Architects (AIA) for 1.0 LU l HSW.

Watch the Firestop 302 webinar now

Available On-Demand: Firestop 301 IBC Code Update Webinar

December 28, 2020 - Firestop 301: IBC Code Update - Changes Related to Firestopping and Joint Systems, is accredited with the American Institute of Architects (AIA) for 1 LU-HSW and is now available on Ask Hilti on demand. This webinar is an overview of the recent updates to the IBC 2012, 2015 and 2018 editions.

The webinar covers IBC 2012, 2015 and 2018 Code applications, clarifications and definitions. Common joint conditions and changes, such as fire barrier to exterior wall, rated walls to non-rated roof or floor and floor to ceiling glass will be reviewed. We’ll also define changes for marking of rated walls and new T-rating exceptions and finally, cover the concept of “non-communicating stud cavities” and review new exceptions in the code.

Watch the Firestop 301 webinar

New On Demand Course on Steel Protection

December 14, 2020 - Hilti's newest intumescent steel protection course is now available on demand. Steel Protection 201: Considerations in Steel Protection will review the process crucial to optimization of steel design, focusing on fire protection as a key topic. Design considerations relating to steel protection will be reviewed, along with ways to determine the type of fireproofing that best suits the overall application.

This presentation will review test standards required to meet International Building Code requirements and examples of typical fireproofing specification sections. You’ll learn about the key standards that define testing parameters and the extents of permissible extrapolation of test results. You’ll also learn about common application issues faced by fireproofing applicators, as well as inspection requirements per the IBC and inspection guidance for local Authorities Having Jurisdiction. The course is accredited for 1 LU-HSW with AIA.

Join the on demand course now

New Firestop Seminar Now Available On Demand

December 7, 2020 - Hilti's Firestop Life Safety Seminar: An Overview is a brief overview of firestopping basics, requirements, best practices, and innovations. This course provides a general introduction and review of firestop for project managers, contractors, and designers. Upon completing this session, you’ll be able to understand the basics of firestopping, including the applicable codes and standards. To attend, you should have a basic understanding of firestop system testing, including testing for secondary attributes and be able to select appropriate systems for an application. You’ll also gain an understanding of firestopping best practices, available resources and firestopping innovations for various applications.

This course is now available on demand on Ask Hilti, an online community offering continuous professional development and expert advice from top engineering professionals. On-demand courses offer flexible learning opportunities to suit your schedule.

Join the on demand Firestop Life Safety Seminar

Hilti and the Mass Timber Market

June 29, 2020 - Mass timber construction has been on the rise in recent years thanks to its many features, such as smaller carbon footprints, faster construction times, and the ability to do more off-site fabrication. Hilti is ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation and leading the way in providing innovative firestop solutions for mass timber construction. Our devices and preformed solutions promote safety, speed and productivity – providing an ideal solution for firestopping pre-fabricated timber components. 

An exciting upcoming change will be the International Building Code updates coming in 2021. With demand increasing rapidly for support of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT ) applications, we have been working to test many of our firestop products and systems for use on CLT projects. Together with industry partners, Hilti is forging a path of leadership in the mass timber industry and bringing content to support our customers. Visit our new editorial page for access to our growing mass timber content. To learn more about the rise of mass timber construction and how we are the leader in firestop solutions, download our new eBook, developed in partnership with Green Builder Media, “Strides in Fire Safety for Mass Wood Timber Buildings.

Learn More

Decking 202 Firestopping Webinar Now Available On-Demand

May 19, 2020 - Composite decks offer an economical and efficient solution for creating floor slabs on a variety of projects. Along with structural and non-structural considerations, all decks require penetrations for services. The methods for creating these penetrations can affect the structural integrity of the deck. This presentation will examine the applications and practical implications of designing for penetrations in composite metal decks.

DECKING 202: DESIGN METHODOLOGY FOR PENETRATIONS THROUGH COMPOSITE DECK, an NCSEA accredited webinar, focuses on understanding structural and non-structural considerations for composite metal decks and how penetrations affect their structural integrity. A key focus of the presentation is addressing firestopping methods for these applications.

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