Firestop Design Considerations

Reap greater advantages from our big-picture approach.

firestop design considerations

What to consider when designing for firestop applications

Proper installation

Your expectation of an engineered solution is not measured by dimensional tolerances or strength testing alone. You want confidence that the installed solution will perform as advertised. That is why genuine Hilti systems blend product performance, tool precision and installation productivity to deliver a total quality solution that will outperform and outlast other alternatives. Likewise, independent Hilti Accredited Firestop Specialty Contractors make a total commitment to providing reliable full-service solutions that benefit from specialized Hilti training on products and installation procedures.   

Air movement

When it comes to isolating airflow in and around walls, floors or slab edges, Hilti cable management and firestop solutions give you greater control over the environment you design. Reduce the migration of smoke and toxic gases in the event of a fire. Restrict the flow of airborne pathogens to influence infection control in healthcare or laboratory environments. Help eliminate drafts for energy efficiency. Even lower noise pollution for more productive work environments. Discover which Hilti products perform best for your purposes of restricting air movement throughout your building design.  

Structural movement

Although you can’t totally eliminate the movement of building elements due to seismic, wind, thermal or live load forces, you can impact the performance of the building components that are affected. Anchors suspending cable trays during an earthquake. Piping penetrations expanding and contracting through a firestop wall due to thermal change. Construction chemicals subjected to wide swings in ambient temperatures. If your design environment includes challenges such as these, ask how Hilti products, services and software can help you reduce the impact in your projects. 

Water containment

Whatever the source—from rainwater during construction to leakages after occupation—early efforts designed to contain moisture can help you save time and money on cleanup efforts. They can also help prevent costly effects such as mold, mildew, odors, health concerns or aesthetic damage that might develop over time.  Hilti coating systems and sealants help provide dual protection against the spread of fire and against subsequent problems caused by water migration throughout a building.

Sound containment

Sound design has taken on a whole new meaning in professional office, school, hotel, healthcare and other types of construction. But when your sound-attenuating design is breached by a penetration or joint in a fire-rated partition, you need a solution that provides an STC-rating as well as an F-rating. Discover the sound containment properties offered by various Hilti fire protection engineering solutions.