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Interior Wall

Firestop for sealing the joint between walls and floors

Sealing the top-of-wall and bottom-of-wall is important for both firestop purposes and architectural design needs. A proper solution seals and helps protects the joint from fire and smoke passage, and Hilti products go beyond by providing superior sound ratings, joint movement capabilities and aesthetically pleasing installations.

firestopping interior walls
cfs-tts top track seal for interior joints
Prefabricated Joints

For interior gypsum-board walls using metal frame construction this unique Hilti firestop solution provides a lot more than just fire protection with a lot less effort. Because it is designed to conform to the shape of top-of-wall metal tracks, it fills the gap between the metal and concrete surfaces to help overcome concrete imperfections and help seal out fire, smoke, and sound drafts.

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fast cure sealants for joint firestopping
Quick Cure Sealants

The fast curing properties and low slump formulation of Hilti's silicone joint sprays combine to improve productivity, ensure consistent spray coverage, reduce risk of water damage, reduce tack time, and limit vertical run

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Firestop Solutions for Interior Walls


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