Electrical Grounding

Mechanical fastening solutions for protecting industrial equipment

Fastening mechanisms in ships and industrial structures not only serve to structurally secure fixtures to steel, but also to ground the fixture’s electrical circuit and provide a return path for electric current.

By providing a direct physical connection to the Earth for instrumentation panels, pipe flanges and other electrical equipment commonly found in power plants, oil refineries and offshore platforms, Hilti’s specialty steel fastener delivers equipotential grounding and bonding without the hassle of welding.

Our mechanical fastening solution provides you with a safer working environment while saving you time and money on the jobsite.

fasteners for grounding industrial equipment
x-bt-er connector

Fastening solution for static current discharge

The X-BT-ER is a stainless steel mechanical fastener that allows electrical current to flow through the stud and discharge properly to the base material when installed. Choosing this easy to install fastener provides you with high corrosion resistance as the stainless steel is suitable for use in a variety of industries such as marine, offshore, petrochemical and power plants.

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x-bt-er for grounding and lightning protection

Fastening solution for grounding and lightning protection

The X-BT-ER was specifically designed with your safety in mind. With the presence of natural weather hazards on outdoor industrial jobsites, it is critical for a fastener to be able to transfer electrical flow through the stud and discharge it properly to the steel base material. The X-BT-ER does this while also providing high corrosion resistance. Additionally, when you install this mechanical fastener there’s no need to rework the base steel because the fastener’s design leaves the base material’s steel corrosion protection intact.

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