Cost Advantage vs Traditional Methods

Hilti Solutions Offer Lower Cost Per Fastening Point

As shown in the chart, Hilti blunt tip solutions can be 57-63% more cost effective compared to traditional methods in mildly corrosive environments. Using Hilti sharp tip solutions in mildly-corrosive environments can often provide even more cost benefits in terms of total installed cost per fastening.

For a project with 100,000 fastenings of strut/channel to coated steel, the benefits over welding can be up to $1.9 M based on the assumptions below for material and labor costs.


Cost / time are estimates, can vary significantly, and use the following assumptions:

– Number of strut: 1,000
– Type of fastening: strut to steel with 2 connections per strut
– Number of fastenings: 2,000
– Labor rate for skilled welder: $ 50/hour
– Labor rate for skilled tradesman other than welder: $ 40/hour

*While welds require electrode and energy, the example assumes that the material cost is negligible for welding
**Touch up time considered for through bolting and welding

  Welding Clamping Through bolting Blunt tip Sharp tip
Material cost per fastening $0* $10.50 $2.40 $3.60 $1.00
Time per fastening 30 minutes** 2 minutes 4 mins 30 seconds** 1 minute 30 seconds 1 minute

Overiew of Hilti's solutions for fastening to steel

Fastening on steel in corrosive environments