Threaded Stud X-BT-MF

Anchor securely to coated steel without worry.

Avoid unnecessary work and rework with the Hilti Threaded Stud X-BT-MF solution—specifically designed for anchoring light-duty electrical and instrumentation fastenings into coated structural steel in mildly corrosive environments.

Welding channel mounts or brackets in those applications is messy, requires setup time and can demand a lot of rework to restore corrosion protection to compromised coatings on the structural steel.

The Threaded Stud X-BT-MF installs in just two steps. Simply drill a pilot hole, and then drive the powder-actuated stud to bind with the base material. Best of all, the process removes only the amount of coating needed to insert the stud and reseals that bare metal with a corrosion-resistant elastomer sealing washer. So you get a clean, simple installation with reliable mounting strength—without any additional post-installation effort.

Proven system

  • Cost effective solution for fastenings in mildly corrosive environments
  • Approved by ICC-ES (including seismic recognition)
  • Innovative fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) thread and nut


  • Hilti unique innovation
  • Easy check of fastener setting with supplied gauge
  • Special torque tool helps ensure proper torque setting
  • Vibration resistant


  • No rework to restore protective coating
  • Innovative washer seals pre-drilled hole to help protect base steel from corrosion
  • No through penetration on steel with thickness of ≥ 5/16 inch (8mm)
  • Portable, cordless installation system

Multiple uses

x-bt-mf uses

Take confidence in the Threaded Stud X-BT-MF’s stainless steel backbone and high-performance polymer finish to provide tough performance in mildly corrosive environments. This innovative fastener is designed to fasten and seal in coated steel beams used to support indoor or outdoor mounting for:

  • Electrical boxes
  • Cable trays
  • Conduit runs
  • Signage
  • Cable ladders
  • Universal mounting channels

Solid Connections

x-bt-mf solid connections

Make solid connections in high-strength and standard construction steels, with precision and convenience.

  • A true weld. The precise fit of the Threaded Stud X-BT-MF and the impact effect of the powder-actuated tool literally welds the stainless steel stud base to the mounting surface
  • No clamping limitations. Get clean and permanent installation, instantaneously, without the addition of bulky time-consuming clamps 

No tedious rework

x-bt-mf one step installation

Because one-step installation seals the bare steel connection without disturbing any of the surrounding protective coating, corrosion-resistant installation is complete as soon as the stud is set.

  • Optimum sealing means no preparation labor or costly, tedious rework of coated steel to protect against corrosion after installation, as is required with welding.
  • No through-penetration of the base metal means fewer concerns about exposing other hard-to-reach surfaces to corrosion.