Our solutions for detecting hidden objects in walls, floors and ceilings

Why use Hilti detection systems

It’s often difficult to know what lies beneath the surface of a floor, ceiling, or wall when you’re working onsite.

Finding Rebar, Pipes and Live Wires in Concrete and Masonry

Typical Applications of Detection Systems

See how to use detection tools and systems on the jobsite.

When to Use Concrete Scanners

Find the right detection system

Find the right concrete scanner for your own project, whether it’s detecting rebar or plotting the layout of multiple objects.

How to Choose the Right Detection System

Detection Software

Use our Hilti PROFIS Detection software for a more detailed analysis of your scan data.

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Detection Back Office Support

We offer technical PROFIS Detection and application support via telephone or e-mail.

Measuring and Layout Tool Resources

Technical Trainings

Find out more about how to get the most out of our portable detection systems and software on the jobsite.

High End Detection Training