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The Hilti roughening tool combined with HIT-RE 500 is the only ICC-ES approved system for installing an adhesive anchor in a core drilled hole with no load reduction factor.

Core Drilling

Core drilling anchor holes may be necessary to overcome jobsite conditions or to accommodate the contrator's preference.

Diamond core drill bits are a tool for making precise holes and overcoming jobsite barriers such as interfering rebar.

Core drilling creates a smooth drilled hole. This makes it difficult for adhesive anchors to bond to the sides of the drill hole. 

When calculating capacity of an anchor installed in a core drilled hole, you must typically take reductions because of the reduced bonding. If the contractor decides to core drill a hole without double checking if the capacity requirements will still be met the entire design may be compromised.

Traditional Hole Preparation

The traditional method of hole preparation is time consuming and complicated. Even using this method load reduction factors must be applied to the capacity of the adhesive anchor when installed in cored holes.

traditional hole preparation of diamond cored holes

Hilti Roughening Tool

hole roughening tool
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To overcome the time consuming and complicated hole preparation method, Hilti developed its diamond cored hole roughening tool, TE-YRT.

core drilled hole with roughening tool
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The use of the Hilti Roughening Tool transforms the smooth sides of a core drilled hole into the rough sides of a traditional hammer drilled hole.

core drilled hole with roughening tool no hole reduction factors
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Now that the core drilled hole has the same physical characteristics of a hammer drilled hole reduction factors no longer must be applied.

simplified hole preparation with the roughening tool
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The Roughening tool also greatly simplifies the hole preparation procedure. Once the core drill hole has been completed, use the Hilti Roughening Tool with a normal hammer drill to roughen the sides of the hole. Then flush out the debris from the hole and blow dry.

ESR 3814
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The Hilti Roughening Tool is an approved installation method that has been added to the ICC-ES ESR for HIT-RE 500 V3.

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