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Hilti donates car to North Texas Food Pantry

A big impact from little things

By Avi Kahn, President and CEO at Hilti North America

Plano, TX:  Nothing makes me prouder than seeing Hilti team members taking care of those who are less fortunate while living our commitment to build a better future. Not all these efforts receive the attention they deserve. Many times, the need is relatively small, close to home and could be easy overlooked. Unless someone speaks up.

One example is a small non-profit called the North Texas Community Food Pantry. They serve more than 500 families each month who are food insecure. It’s located just 10 minutes from the headquarters of several major corporations including Hilti North America.

Hilti volunteers at North Texas Food Pantry

One of our team members, Sheila Pedersen (right), who volunteers at the pantry, noticed the CEO and volunteers using their personal cars to pick up donated food. With limited space, they were missing out on many opportunities to secure more items for those in need.

Sheila mentioned this problem to our community relations manager who put a plan in motion to help. Our fleet department found a gently used Ford Transit van coming out of service and our branding team designed a modern vehicle wrap to help the pantry increase awareness. Others helped get the van ready and filled with food for the pantry.

Handing over keys to the Hilti donated car

Recently, our team handed over the keys to the food pantry board of directors and they couldn’t be happier. This will allow them to now partner with a major grocery store to fill the van with donated food three times a week. 

The need keeps growing. Just last week they added 13 new families to the pantry. 

Hilti donates car to North Texas Food Pantry

Gina Harrison, the CEO/President says her organization is a client choice pantry. Families can choose their own groceries once a week according to their size and needs rather than receive a predetermined box of food.

My message to Hilti team members and to everyone is to look around, and don’t forget to look close to where you live and work. The needs are there, year-round. Sometimes small things will make a big impact on building a better future for everyone.

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