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2019 martin hilti foundation interns

Interns arrive in North Texas

As North American students head back to school this month, the University of North Texas will welcome their first class of Martin Hilti Foundation Interns.

Each year, the Martin Hilti Foundation offers an international education and internship exchange to students who wish to expand their language skills and business acumen in an immersive environment. Because Hilti operates in more than 120 countries world-wide, the opportunity for global-minded young professionals is limitless.

On August 17, Hilti North America hired four new Martin Hilti Interns from Europe, each of whom will spend their first four months immersed in business courses at the University of North Texas.

2019 hilti foundation interns

About the Martin Hilti Foundation Internship Program

The Martin Hilti Foundation Internship is an 18-month program that offers both international education and work experience. Each intern begins their experience with a semester of courses at a university in the country where they will be working. Then, they spend one year working as an individual contributor in a department of their choosing, typically doing work that relates to their studies.   

The Martin Hilti Foundation Internship program was founded in 1990 and has since hosted 225 interns around the world, many of whom are still working at Hilti today. 

Martin Hilti Foundation Interns in the United States

During the 2018-2019 program, nine young professionals will start their Martin Hilti Internships in Liechtenstein, Japan and the United States. Hilti North America will host four interns; Melika Sghiar from Switzerland and Alberto Mora, Ignacio Soria and Javier Ortiz de Urbina from Spain. Although Martin Hilti Interns can have any work background, all four interns have held previous positions at Hilti offices in their home countries. 

2019 Martin Hilti Foundation Intern - Melika Sghiar

Melika worked as an Events Coordinator at the Hilti Group Headquarters in Liechtenstein and is coming to Hilti North America to gain experience in Human Resources. Since childhood, she’s been interested in traveling to different countries, and she believes that understanding other cultures will be impactful for her career.  “To get in touch with another working environment and to experience living in another country is just something very inspiring,” she shares.  “I also consider this a chance to develop my own personality and a way to strengthen my self-assertion and self-confidence.”  

Although Melika is just embarking on her own Martin Hilti Foundation Internship journey, she encourages others to consider the program for next year. She say, “In daily life, this experience is very special. [The United States] is a total different country, and I’m recognizing that every day. I can highly recommend this to all.”


2019 Martin Hilti Foundation Intern - Matthias Meier

Matthias Meier from Germany knows that the new class of Interns have a lot to look forward to. As a 2018 Martin Hilti Foundation Intern, he spent a semester studying at Oklahoma State University and now works in the Hilti Project Management Office in Plano, Texas. Since coming to the United States, he has experienced American university football season, traveled throughout North America and deepened his understanding of Hilti’s operations outside of Liechtenstein.

Matthias says, “The most rewarding part of the internship is the ability to experience so many different things in a short amount of time. This program offers you a chance to deepen your studies in your field of interest, allows you to gain experience in new business areas, and lets you travel and explore the United States, its people and culture. It’s a personal development journey. I believe this diverse offering is unique to Hilti’s program and I would encourage anybody to take this chance.”

Start your own Hilti journey

To qualify for the Martin Hilti Foundation Internship program, young professionals must have completed an undergraduate degree or have some relevant work experience. They must also have some local language skill that aligns with the country where they will study and work. To learn more about the Martin Hilti Foundation Internship program and other graduate and young professional programs, visit