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Alan Fine, NYT best-selling author on coaching at the Hilti Operations Center in Tulsa, May 8, 2019


Plano, TX:  When a New York Times bestselling author and performance coach comes to the Tulsa Operations Center campus to lead a workshop on coaching – what do you do? In the case of Hilti North America, you invite area non-profit executives to participate, right along with team members, to share the expert's knowledge.

Recently, non-profit executives joined Hilti managers to hear from Alan Fine, author of You Already Know How to Be Great, as he instructed them how to take a caring, candid and constructive approach to formal and informal coaching opportunities.

We could never imagine the level of training Hilti gave us access to. To be invited in is a huge opportunity for a non-profit organization.

Dcn. Kevin Sartorius, CEO of Catholic Charities of Eastern Oklahoma. His organization serves over 50,000 people a year with about 100 employees.

Alan Fine, NYT best-selling author on coaching at the Hilti Operations Center in Tulsa, May 8, 2019

Alan Fine is considered the pioneer of the modern management coaching movement, having co-created the GROW Model over 25 years ago. The Hilti and non-profit leaders learned the four core components of decision making: Goals, Realities, Options and Ways Forward. Alan shared that the biggest performance challenge isn’t that people don’t know what to do, but rather that they don’t do what they know.

When you consistently promote nearly 80% of managers from within like Hilti does, there are a lot of new leaders who need to learn how to coach teams in the most effective way. More than 300 Hilti managers have gone through intensive coaching training using Alan’s model as part of continuous learning. Hilti has worked with his company, InsideOut Development, since 2013.

Mr. Fine's message lent itself to lean toward empowering each person to activate the knowledge already within him/her.

Maranda Figueroa, Director of Development at A New Leaf, which provides life skill training to individuals with developmental disabilities also attended.

Hilti North America COO Karl Neumaier commented, “I’m proud that we are able to open our Tulsa campus to non-profit partners. Whether you’re a non-profit on a shoestring budget managing volunteers, or a global company with hundreds of team leaders; caring, effective coaching, like Alan talks about, is a game changer.”

It’s a big investment, and worth it. And Hilti is proud to share the knowledge with our non-profit partners in the Tulsa community.

Dcn. Sartorius concluded, “We confront hardship every day at Catholic Charities and the Alan Fine course will help me make the right decision faster and with more confidence.”

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