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Our Values

Our principles are our foundation—and our advantage.

Our goal is to create better futures for our partners and customers. That means taking a dedicated, principled approach to everything we do. We believe quality, value and integrity aren’t just good for business. We think they give Hilti an edge.

Here are just a few of the ways we live those values every day:

Direct Customer Contact

We believe that success requires a real partnership. That means doing business the way our customers want to work. That’s why Hilti has:

  • The construction world’s largest direct sales force
  • More than 120 Hilti Centers across North America
  • 24/7 support through

Hilti team members work directly with customers on a daily basis, so we can understand your problems—and create better solutions. After all, 200,000 interactions each day add up to much more than customer service. To us, it’s a competitive advantage.

Excellence In Innovation

Hilti develops each new innovation using a specific formula:

  • One-third observation 
  • One-third inspiration 
  • One-third consultation

Every stage involves the customer, because their insights and experiences are the keys to creating innovative solutions that boost their productivity. We start with the customer’s needs and work backward to deliver products that exceed their expectations.

Total Quality

The Hilti name stands for solid, permanent principles: quality, value and integrity. These principles are rooted in relationships. We make sure each customer has a contact for every need—whether it’s a sales representative, a Hilti Center representative, a customer service representative or an electronic presence through No matter where our customer might be on their journey, Hilti strives to earn its reputation every step of the way.


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