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Features & Applications

  • Hilti’s ultimate circular saw blades for stainless steel and structural steel, engineered to help you get the job done faster and cut more with the same blade
  • 52 high-density tungsten carbide teeth help you saw rapidly and smoothly through all stainless and steel structural metals
  • Unbeatable efficiency on cordless tools – cut metal up to 120% faster by combining these blades with a Hilti circular saw to make our ultimate cutting system
  • More cuts per charge – the blade’s ultra-thin kerf minimizes energy consumption, so you can cut up to 145% more per battery charge in structural metal
  • Longer-lasting blades – our longest circular saw blade lifetime ever, thanks to revolutionary X-Cut technology and top-grade materials
  • Cutting all structural steel, including stainless steel
  • Optimized for cutting bars and beams; pipes and tubes; channels and frames
  • Cold, fast, straight cuts with minimal sparks
  • Cutting clean edges in steel with limited burr

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