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Features & Applications

  • No welding required – modular structures are faster to assemble, easier to modify and fully reusable
  • Built for heavy loads – you can use MI girders when strut channels lack the required load capacity, torsion resistance or rigidity
  • Versatile – pipes can be installed on each one of the girder's four sides simultaneously
  • Hot-dip galvanized – MI girders are suitable for modular structures and pipe supports in moderately corrosive environments
  • Compatible with Hilti Adaptive Torque tool – helps tighten supported connectors to the correct pretension using a compatible impact wrench together with SI-AT module
  • Heavy-duty MEP supports, such as for industrial or heavy commercial pipes
  • Modular 3D structures, such as access platforms
  • Adjustable ceiling grids, such as for medical equipment in operating theaters

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