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Features & Applications

  • Quick and simple installation – designed to reduce time on site and labor costs
  • Save time on site - easily remove the lid manually from the top or simply by running pipe from the bottom
  • Adaptable accessories - increase your application coverage with height extension tubing, size matching stand-offs, and easy click-in-place aerator adapters
  • Peace of mind – cast-in devices remove scope for errors compared to traditional methods, leading to more reliable firestopping of vertical penetrations
  • Integrated smoke seal and w-rating, refer to third party listings for w-rating coverage details
  • Universal design for plastic pipes, metal (insulated and non insulated) pipes, plastic and metal conduits
  • 8" (203mm) high device with height adjustment down to 7-1/2" (190mm) in 1/4" (6mm) increments. Can be cut down to min. 4.5" (114mm).
  • For flat deck concrete slabs
  • Universal design for plastic pipes, XFR and metal (insulated and non insulated) pipes, plastic and metal conduits.

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Universal firestop cast-in sleeve

Boost productivity and spend less time on deck with CFS-CID U

The CFS-CID U is the one, universal cast-in device for flat deck projects that helps simplifies device layout and installation.

Help save time on deck by easily adjusting to the right deck without cutting, measuring or taping – helping ensure proper installation of the sleeve the first time so you don't miss a pour.

Benefits of CFS-CID U for flat deck

Easier installation

Eliminate steps and the need for experts to install your firestop on deck with the simplified clickable adjustment and visible height markers.

Simple adjustment

No need to stress over couplers and extenders. With the new universal sleeve, adjust the sleeve's height on the jobsite.

Avoid additional backfilling

With integrated smoke and water seals, the CFS-CID U helps protect against water, smoke and fire to provide a W-rating with no secondary accessories required.


Adaptable accessories to help increase your application coverage

CFS-CID U Adjustable extension

  • Adjustable extension for use when concrete slabs are greater than 8” thick
  • Devices may add up to 4” with each extension
  • Can be installed on top of CFS-CID U devices or CFS-CID U Extension tubes
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CFS-CID U Extension tube

  • Extension tube for use when concrete slabs are greater than 8” thick
  • Device adds up to 6” with each extension and can be cut to size if needed
  • Click-in-place system for a faster, secure connection to the cast-in device
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CFS-CID U Aerator adapter

  • Cast-in accessory to create space underneath the slab
  • Creates up to a 4-1/2” of space underneath the slab to reduce final ceiling height
  • Click-in-place system for a faster, secure connection to the cast-in-device
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CFS-CID U Standoff extension

  • Post-poured solution for water containment and riser clamp support of vertical pipe penetrations
  • Designed to meet requirements for a minimum 2” standoff above substrate surface
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Watch: How to install CFS-CID U

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