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Features & Applications

  • No reworking of base steel – corrosion protection remains intact
  • Versatile – suitable for use on most standard and high-strength construction steel
  • Secure – creates a true weld to the base material for an extremely strong hold and high loading capacity
  • Portable, cordless system – eliminates the need for long electric supply cords
  • Corrosion-resistant – suitable for marine, offshore, petrochemical and power plants applications
  • Fastening gratings to steel structures with X-FCM-M and X-FCM-R grating disc
  • Fastening of cable trays, strut, light-duty electrical applications (T-bars, instrumentation panels, junction boxes)
  • Fastenings to fire coated (PFP) beams
  • Designed to work on steel thicknesses of 8 mm (5/16") and above

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