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Features & Applications

  • Helps to prevent contact between fixtures and steel beams or plates – both uncoated or passive fire protection (PFP) coated beams
  • Faster and more efficient – no welding/bracketing needed
  • Available in stainless steel (MR version) or coated carbon steel (MF version)
  • Versatile – you can use threaded standoffs as a spacer for a wide range of fastenings on intumescent PFP coated beams
  • Wide M8 flange nut available for use with MQ strut channels
  • Fastening gratings to steel structures using the MQZ plate and X-FCM-M/R grating disc in steel greater than 6 mm thickness for S-BT and 8 mm for X-BT
  • Fastening junction boxes, switchgear and instrumentation panels directly or using strut channels
  • Fastening cable trays and cable runs using strut channels or conduit clips
  • Fastening lighting, signage and other fixtures

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