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Heavy-duty anchor HSL-3-SH M8/5: Item No.: 00377341


Technical Data

Drill bit diameter 12 mm
Anchor type Mechanical anchor
Environmental conditions Inside dry
Min. thickness of base material 120 mm
Base materials Concrete (cracked)
Concrete (non-cracked)
Working principle Torque-controlled expansion
Type of fixing Through-fastening
Material composition Steel, galvanized min. 5µm, bolt: steel strength 8.8
Material coating/plating/finish Galvanized min. 5 µm
Head configuration Hexagonal socket head
Approvals ETA Option 1, Shock BZS, Fire IBMB, Fire Warrington Report, ICC-ES/ AC 193
Effective embedment depth 60 mm
Thickness fastened range 5mm
Min. hole depth 85 mm
Required tightening torque 25 Nm
Socket size 6 mm
Wrench size 6 mm

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