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Multi-Directional Lasers

  • PMC 46 Full solution

    Level, Align, Plumb and Square: All in one

  • PM 4-M Multi-line laser

    The lines you need. Your fast and accurate squaring and aligning companion from Hilti.

  • PML 42 Self-leveling Line Laser

    Added value all along the line

  • PM 2-L Line laser

    Simple and reliable line laser. Your leveling and aligning companion from Hilti.

  • PMP 45 Self-leveling point laser

    The winner on points for plumbing, squaring, leveling & aligning

  • PM 2-P Point laser

    Simple and reliable plumb tool. Your plumbing companion from Hilti.

  • Multi-Directional Laser Accessories

    Use your PM lasers anytime, anywhere