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Drill/Core/Breach Bits with TE-C (SDS Plus) connection end

  • TE-CX Hammer Drill bits (metric / fractionals)

    For faster drilling, longer life and trouble-free anchor setting

  • TE-C Hammer Drill bits (metric / fractionals)

    Best-in-class carbide-tipped drill bit - for use in unreinforced concrete, brick, masonry and natural stone

  • TE-CD Hammer drill bit

    Drilling and hole cleaning in one step. For fast drilling, efficient cleaning and safe anchor installation.

  • TE-C GB Breach bit

    TE-C (SDS Plus) connection end,
    Carbide tipped, cruciform head

  • TE-C Core Bits

  • TE-C HB Forming and installation drill bit

    TE-C (SDS Plus) connection end