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TE 1000-AVR

Demolition made comfortable. Tremendous impact power safely under control.

Feel the comfort and sense the sheer power of the Hilti TE 1000-AVR – the breaker that takes all-round demolition performance to new heights, while keeping vibration to an absolute minimum.

Thanks to Hilti’s advanced AVR sub-chassis concept, this tool cuts vibration dramatically. Its pneumatic hammering mechanism, powered by a brushless SR motor, delivers tremendous punch for impressive chiseling performance on floors and walls.

Incorporating three sealed lubrication chambers that keep dust out of internal parts for longer life and higher reliability, the TE 1000-AVR is built to last.

Special features

Active Vibration Reduction

Hilti's AVR system reduces vibration by up to two thirds.

Hilti polygon chisels

Self-sharpening chisels provide top performance without sticking.

Hilti TE DRS-B

New dust removal system for combi hammers and breakers.