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Solutions for engineers and designers

Application solutions for concrete scanning service contractors

Non-destructive inspection of concrete and pretensioned concrete structures

Structural analysis, locating objects and cavities for conversion work on existing buildings or structures.

Determining positions through walls and floors

Transfer positions easily without manual measurement or need for drilling by “trial and error” or pilot hole drilling.

Reinforcement verification and analysis

Make accurate and efficient scans for large-area assessment with data recorded for statistics for acceptance inspections or repair work.

Reinforcement verification and location of pretensioning tendons on bridges

Non-destructive inspection and documentation of results as part of inspections and for planning repair work.

Locating objects in concrete structures and marking their positions

Locate objects in several layers and mark their positions directly on the surface for other parties.

Locating built-in components, heating and cooling pipes or faulty areas in lightweight (hollow) concrete floor slabs

Locate void formers, slab inserts such as ventilation ducts, plumbing pipes, electrical installations as well as concrete core thermal activation tubes, reinforcement layers or post-tensioning tendons.