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Cut to the depths others can't

In addition to reaching outstanding cutting depths of up to 120 mm, Hilti cutters can be equipped with dust removal systems that allow virtually dustless operation in many applications. Thanks to clever power tool design and the ability to connect Hilti VCU vacuum cleaners, the dust is removed right at its source.

Maximum working comfort

These electric cutters feature an outstanding ergonomic “in-line” design. The grip lies on exactly the same axis as the cutting disc for maximum accuracy and safe control. Moreover, these cutters are designed to be guided away from the body in a “pushing” rather than “pulling” motion, with the aid of the operator’s own body weight.
The advantages are obvious: the tools are less tiring to use and feel more secure in the operator’s hands.

Impressive cutting depths

Up to now, the maximum cutting depth achievable with hand-held angle grinders (discs up to 230 mm diameter) was about 60 mm. The new Hilti cutters, however, break all records by reaching depths of up to 120 mm (DCH 300) or 85 mm (DCH 230). With tools like these, cutting becomes an entirely new experience.